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I’m so glad I found this post again because Mr. Amazing is my favorite person right now and I really love money and pictures of Paris Hilton and clear bags 

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1. Rodarte, Spring/Summer 2014

2. Every Stunt Queen, Summer 2014

3. Hood by Air, Spring/Summer 2015


Introducing GODDESS Press, a new publishing platform that exists to provide a home for art and literature aimed at exploring and exploding gender and beauty, and to publish exciting work that challenges and questions in any number of fields.

The debut publication from GODDESS Press is BEAUTIES by Micah Jones with foreword by Mehron Abdollmohammadi. 

Micah Jones’ book of sketches for GODDESS PRESS, a collection of trans beauties real and imagined, performs what I would call a generous narcissism: an insistent, dynamic technique of self-production, and self-representation. Her illustrations are playful, alluring, dramatic; performances of a particularly eruptive genre of beauty. Each delicate curve, each shaded lid is a drop in the pond from which we drink, for which we thirst. 

-From the foreword by Mehron Abdollmohammadi.

Preorder the book before October 20 and receive 25% off. 

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